Wedding Invitation Samples

The design

Amy and Stuart required stationery that kept to their colour scheme of black and fuschia.

The Designs reflected the color theme, adding the background venue for the day and evening invites helped convey the mood.

I also designed save the date cards, menus, table plans and info cards to complete the set.

The design

Nicola & Justin stand back to back (homaging Mr & Mrs Smith), with a glass in their hand. The background was created with a Hollywood / glamour feel evoking the old musicals of the 40's and 50's.

Making the background a purple colour and adding twinkly stars and a glitter ball helped to convey the party / celebration message of the evening invites, whilst a cool blue colour for the thank you cards help to keep the design fresh whilst still part of a set.

The design

David & Susana wanted their invites to reflect their big day so opted for a design which shows them at the beach and venue where they got married.

There colour scheme was black and hot pink which are part of the design.

For the thanks you cards, they wanted to go with a daytime shot of themselves at the beach beginning their new life together.

The design

Robbie & Mary requested the back to back style pose for their stationery. A bright blue was used for the wedding day invites, and this was made darker (with added glitterball ball and stars), for the evening invites.

The Thank you cards kept a blue them with a sky background (the plane overhead suggesting Robbie and Mary would be going on honeymoon)

The Order of Service also depicted the church on the front cover.

The design

Richard and Andy’s Save the date cards were great fun to do, it was nice to illustrate something i had never tried before, which in this case was a Great British seaside pier.

The design show Richard and Andy on Brighton Pier each holding a champage glass with seagulls flying in the background. The postcard sized invites helped to convey the seaside aspect also.

The design

Natalie and Steve required a similar design to carry on throughout their invites.

The pink background was carried throughout the day and evening invites as well as RSVP cards.

Making the evening invite a little darker in colour alters the mood of this.

The design

For Liz and Dave I produced landscape stationery.

I designed the happy couple to stand on one side of the invite with the day or evening venue situated on the other.

The thank you card had a present styled background to reflect all the gifts they had received. I also created the order of service and RSVP cards which carried on from the invite designs.

The design

Steve and Joanna asked for their venue to be added to the invite designs.

The front of the invites centred on the happy couple while the illustration carried over onto the back of the invite revealing more of the venue.

At their request i added pink and green butterflies to the inside and outside of the design.

The design

Claire and Calumís invites featured the venue as background for both the day and evening cards .

As Calum had a light purple as part of his outfit, this colour was carried on through the inside and also the ampisand on the front.

For the evening invites it made more sense to make the background purple rather than the usual evening blue.

The design

Becky and Ian married in Cyprus and wanted to invitations to give to their guests for the celebration back in the UK.

They asked for a sage green theme and for Paphos harbour to be used as a background.

On the inside next to the wording they also asked for a map with directions to the venue, again this was designed in a similar colour.

The design

Shermayne and Nick wanted something fun and unique which fitted in with their shared love of comic books.

They wanted awedding invites and thank you cards so it was decided to make the invites issue 1, and the thank you cards issue 2. Adding some comic style typography help convey the idea.

The design

Lizzie and Brian wanted the invites to include were they where getting married (in this case Pissouri, Cyprus).

They wanted landscape cards so that the wording could be added to the waves on the illustration.

The backs of the invites contained an illustration of the church Lizzie and Brian got married in.

The design

Lee and Jenny wanted a Top Gun theme for their wedding invites. 

It was decided to keep the day invitations more formal, with the church in the background. However, I adapted this design for the evening invites and added flying jets in the background, Top Gun style text, parachutes and helmets to round off the idea. 

The design

Liz and Pete had their venue illustrated alongside themselves for the day invites, evening invites, menus and table plan.

For the thankyou card however we decided to reflect the honeymoon (which was in Cuba), so we added a classic style American car along with palm trees and a plane flying overhead 

The design

Amy & Stuart wanted to bring some fun to their table names and so decided to have each table represent them as famous couples. 

The top table had Stuart & Amy as themselves while the other tables included Bonnie & Cylde, Adam & Eve, Batman & Robin, Princess Leia and Han Solo amongst others. 

The design

Mimi & Erik asked for the classic back to back pose for their inviations. The venue was a popular cocktail bar in New York so they wanted the design to be fun but glamourous. 

A logo was also created for them which sat on the back of the invite. 

They also requested table numbers with themselves depicted in various fun ways such as the cheerleader and American football player (shown above). 

The design

A winter wedding for Andy & Jane influenced the design of these invitations. 

Cool blues and snow flakes helped convey the idea along with a snow topped venue in the background.  

This design was carried through to the table plan, thank you cards and table names. 

The design

Laura and Steve wanted their wedding party invites to show that they had already got married in Las Vegas.

The background of the invites had lots of fireworks against a dark sky (symbolising the celebration) with the classic ‘welcome to Las Vegas’ sign placed behing them.

The design

Jennie and Andy wanted the day invitations for guests who would be travelling with them for their big day in Italy.

The evening invites kept the same illustration but swapped the background for the UK evening venue. 

The Design

Carly and Nick wanted stationery which reflected the design and layout of their venue. purple, black and white were the chosen colours.

For the thank you cards the venue was replaced with a New York skyline to highlight the honeymoon destination.

Placecards, Save the dates, RSVPs and a Table plan were also created to fit this design.

The Design

Gavin and Jodieís suggested using their venue as a backdrop on their stationery, For the evening invites the daytime scenario was adapted and changed to night time and the couple were shown holding champagne glasses.

The colour themes were black, white and silver. A sliver effect was used on the ampisand.

The Design

A caribbean theme was requested from Dervinia and Richard and they suggested a beach with palm trees. The evening invites followed suit but adapted for evening time with twinkly stars and a few fireworks.

The colour theme was black, white and yellow which was shown in the border and text.

The Design

Caroline and Adam chose to have themselves illustrated with there venue far in the background surrounded by the lovely scenery of the Lake District.

Purple was a used within the design to fit Caroline and Adamís colour scheme.

The placecards were designed to be larger than the traditional size as Caroline and Adam placed lottery tickets inside each one as wedding favours.

Got a different Idea?

Amit and Sejal requested square invitations and stationery with a gold theme.

The venue was used as background in the day and evening invite, within a gold effect border whilst the happy couple stood prominently on the left.

Maps/direction cards and RSVPs were also created in the same style to compliment the invite designs.

The Design

Daniel and Sharon wanted the invites to reflect their respective homelands. Behind Daniel is various London imagery (the Millenium Eye, Big Ben, St Paulís Catherdral and a London bus, whilst behind Sharon is Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The colour theme was red and this was used in the text.

The Design

Andy and Kylie both work as airline cabin crew, and as this is how they met, requested this be added to the design in some way. A silver effect band was used on both the day and evening invites.

For the thank you cards this design was adapted as a spoof Hello/OK style magazine cover.

Got a different Idea?

If being illustrated isn’t something you fancy, and you have a different idea then perhaps we can still help.
The samples above are based on a ‘moulin rouge’ style design as the client wanted something to reflect old hollywood style glamour.

Whatever your idea, colour scheme etc please pop us an email and we will see what we can do!