A little bit about me....

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to look at my website.

My name is Dave Robinson, I am married to Michelle, we have a little boy called Benjamin and a little girl called Grace. We live in the North of England where I work as a freelance designer, illustrator and animator.

How I started out.....

A few years ago, a good friend of mine asked me to design his wedding stationery for him. As I was known for being a bit of a 'scribbler' I decided to illustrate them for the front of their invites.

The invites turned out quite well and I ended up doing the evening invitations, thank yous and an order of service for them. I got some really nice comments from the couples family and friends (I even got a round of applause at the wedding during my friends speech!)

A few months later another friend asked me to do something for his invitations, so I illustrated him and the bride outside the church for the day invites and dancing under a glitter ball for the evening invites. I decided to put my contact details on the back (just in case!), and I ended up getting a couple more orders out of it.

I started to think I may have the beginnings of a little business idea and so I asked a friend from University to build me a little website so that I could put some examples on and explain what I did.


7 years later and I have now created nearly 500 invites and recieved orders from all the over the world including the UK, US, Greece, Turkey and Australia.

I pride myself on my policy of doing something different for everyone (unless a client specifically asks for something similar to a previous invitation), which means all my customers receive wedding stationery that no one else will have.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to look through my website.

david robinson