Wedding Wedding Invitations & Wedding Stationery

Welcome to Desired Designs the home of truly unique wedding invitations and wedding stationery invitations. Our aim is to provide you with completely unique,
personalised wedding stationery invitations. You choose the colours, poses, themes and background it's completely up to you!

Unique Wedding Invitations & Personalised Wedding Invitations

For truly unique wedding invitations Desired Designs can create illustrated versions of the Bride and Groom and incorporate them into completely personalised Wedding Invitations.

We only create wedding invitations to order none of our invitations are off the shelf. Meaning we can personalise wedding invitations with your names, wedding details and choose colours and themes in keeping with the theme of your wedding.

We actively encourage our customers to give us ideas so that they end up with stationery completely unique to them! Have a look at our Wedding Invitation Samples for ideas.

Unusual Wedding Invitations & Contemporary Wedding Invitations

Looking to add a modern twist to your big day? Contemporary wedding invitations from photographs, cartoons, to simple elegantly drawn designs can create the perfect unusual wedding invitations your guests will love.

Have a look at our Wedding Invitation Samples for ideas.

Budget Wedding Invitations & Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

Keeping to a budget for a wedding can be extremely difficult. Even through even all our wedding invitations are to order we are still able to provide wedding invitations to suit your budget. We have a diverse range of inexpensive wedding invitation designs at competitive prices.

Have a look at our Wedding Invitation Samples for ideas.

Asian Wedding Invitations

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable of your life. Desired Designs will assist you in trying to offer a comprehensive list of options for Asian wedding invitations so that you have a variety of designs to choose from before making your final decision on the invitation that will announce the happy occasion. Have a look at
our Wedding Invitation Samples for ideas.

Wedding Invitation Samples

Have a look around the website (particularly the sample pages and case studies), to see what previous customers have requested and see some of the unique wedding invitations we have created.